Our Story

How it all started...

Scott got saved in June of 1984 in a dorm room in college in Nashville, TN. Though he began "rightly dividing the Word of truth" at the age of 16, he came to trust Christ as His Lord and Savior four years later, and began intensively studying the Scriptures. In college Scott met his wife, Sandi, and they married in 1987. After careers in music and legal support, Scott moved back to his home town of Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1993.

At the age of 33 Scott began to feel the Lord convicting him to preach and teach. In 1999, Scott and his family moved to Texas from Louisiana to start teaching Bible classes that grew into classes in San Antonio, Seguin, Austin, Arlington and Plano, Texas. Scott travelled weekly to these classes until he felt the time was right to start a Bible church in Seguin.

Grace Family Bible Church was officially created in 2005, and Scott served as pastor and teacher there until he retired from pastoring in 2021. Great grace was shown by the Lord as teaching, children's and music ministries were led by Scott and his wife, Sandi. A very dear fellowship of believers formed a bond and family in the Lord that grew in understanding of God's Word.

It became a burden on Scott's heart to reach a larger number of people than a small-town Bible church could reach, so he started Bible Mysteries Podcast in September of 2020, right before the COVID pandemic was announced. World events began to escalate quickly to reveal we may be very close to the end times, so Scott retired to focus his time and attention to the evangelistic outreach using social media platforms. He formed the Unlock the Bible Now website  in 2021, then created Unlock the Bible Now Inc., a 501( c ) (3) non-profit, dedicated to educating people on the secrets the world doesn't want them to know!

I thank you with all my heart for your dedication to seeking the hidden, true messages within the Bible. It is something I have yearned for my entire life.

- Y. Moore, Western Australia

Pastor Scott is an awesome teacher inspired by the Word of God! My husband and I LOVE listening to him weekly. Our understanding of God's Word through his teaching has shored up our faith during all the unrest going on in the world today.

- Adela Davis

I have just found you on YouTube and I love
your videos! I have been listening to many of
your podcasts and they are great! Thank you so much for your help.

- D. Backhaus