Episode 106: Storm on the Horizon Interview with Sylvia McKelvey

Sep 19, 2022

Show Notes:
Episode 106: Storm on the Horizon - Interview with Sylvia McKelvey

Summary: Sylvia McKelvey has been a Christian investigator for over thirty years. She provided research materials for and appeared in the 1983 documentary, The New Age, Pathway to Paradise. produced by WDFC Christian television in Chicago, Illinois. She has been an investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and has served as the MUFON State Section Director for Santa Clara County in California. She is a former Petty Officer in the United States Naval Reserve Hospital Corps and served on active duty during Operation Desert Storm. She lives with her husband in Northern California.

Show Notes:
Book Title - Storm on the Horizon: The New Age, UFOs and the Cosmic Christ

Questions for Sylvia:

    1.    How did you come to be an investigator for MUFON?
    2.    Did you come to a faith in Christ before or after your work on UFOs?
    3.    Do you see a connection between the rise in occult, spiritism and the Theosophical Society and the increase in appearances and abductions of UFO activity?
    4.    What is your take on the different species of aliens reported by contactees? Do you think they are actual extraterrestrial sentient beings from other planets or a satanic deception?
    5.    What do you believe the glowing orbs are? Are they drone scouts, probes or some other type of information gathering entities?
    6.    You document so much evidence of UFOs over the decades, Have you drawn a specific conclusion as to what their agenda is?
    7.    Do you see a connection between the abduction/genetic manipulation agenda and the altering of human/animal DNA in Genesis 6?
    8.    Were you seeing your own personal sightings of UFO’s and orbs prior to investigating phenomenon for MUFON or after?
    9.    Do you think your investigations trigger sightings or is it possible that they are triggered by your faith in exposing them?
    10.    Do you have an idea or theory on how the alien/UFO deception is to be played out in the future?

“It has become apparent from my own investigation that a diabolical plan has been in the works for a long time, a diabolical plan that would set upon this Earth a great deception from the farthest corners of the globe to the infinite expanse of space. Changes in politics, religion, and education all appear to be headed toward the acceptance of a united world and a possible intergalactic governing body. …Our innate desire to worship something of greater moral value outside ourselves must be satisfied. We cannot establish a new and global spirituality alone, but indications suggest that a base of unseen forces, even benevolent ETs, is helping it along. Spirit masters with their “Plan of the Ages” advocate for the establishment of a new world teacher, new Christ, and new global leader—even a cosmic one.” - Sylvia McKelvey, Storm on the Horizon


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