A Little Lower Than the Angels Part 2

Apr 17, 2022
A Little Lower Than the Angels Part 2

Jesus Christ (and mankind) was made a little lower than the angels. Yet, Christ, along with His redeemed, shall inherit the earth and reign over it - not the angels! God could have given the earth to His mighty sons of God, but He chose to give dominion of the earth to mankind (whom He gave power to become the sons of God.) Therefore it was necessary that the Redeemer of mankind be fully God and fully man to claim the birthright.

Scripture References:
All Scripture references are cited from the King James Bible.

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I use a Tyndale printed King James Bible that can be found here:

If Jesus Christ was ONLY fully God, He could not have died. If He was ONLY fully man, He could not have been raised. ONLY as both fully God and fully man could He be the perfect sacrifice. Do you know Him? Is He your Savior? Will you reign with Him?

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