100th Episode Celebration

Aug 8, 2022
100th Episode of Bible Mysteries Show Notes

Thanks to all the listeners and subscribers. We could not have reached our 100th episode without you!

Our first 12 Premium Subscribers:
Angie, Pam, Uriah, Keri, Gilbert, Michelle, Kevin, Jewel, Mandi, Nick, Ron, and Karen

Thank you for any feedback, for sharing, and for liking and following us!

Top Episodes Per Captivate:
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21 September 2020

The Nephilim (Giants) Part 1
12 October 2020

The Satanic Global Elite
4 January 2021

The Sea of Glass
28 September 2020

Top Episodes Per Youtube:
Bible Mysteries Podcast: Episode 48 -  Interview with Ryan Pitterson
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What are the future plans for the podcast and the ministry?

On location episodes and interviews, Full-time ministry, complete the book, solve the mystery of who and what the Grays are and how they tie into the end times, expand our reach, and we envision other media like TV to reach our audience.

We invite you to be an ambassador for Christ through Bible Mysteries. Donate what the Lord puts on your heart. Our ministry needs sustainability, and this will come through our listeners.